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Having served the Central Florida area for the past 15 years, now I am ready to serve you. I have worked with a large number of Buyers and Sellers. It is through this variety, and my desire to help each person I work with to succeed, that helps me to stand out amongst the vast crowd of realtors.

It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication to get the job done.  It is my job to help you the seller get the most money you can, based on your properties condition and the area it is in.  That is the JOB. Until your house closes I don't get paid.  You might say I am a motivated agent :).  Selling homes is a process that does sometimes seem overwhelming. But that is what I am trained to excel at.

Not only am I good at what I do ... It is what I love to do.  If you want to Sell your Home or Property within the next 2 to 4 months, call me, text me or fill out the form and click on the "Send Me a Message" button, so we can connect and discuss your dreams, your desires, and how best to make them come true for you.

Call or Text: (407) 937-9097

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